Financial Check-up
and Action Plan

Financial Check-up
and Action Plan

Financial Check-up
and Action Plan

Which areas of your finances could use some TLC?

We’ve found that a lot of people aren’t confident in deciding where to focus their attention when it comes to money. When everything seems like a priority, it can be hard to know where to start.

Should you save more? Pay-off debt? Look into insurance?
If you want a second opinion, our Financial Check-up isn’t a bad idea.

Everyone’s financial picture is different, and that’s why we offer free check-ups—so you can get a professional opinion on the areas you’re doing great, where you can focus more attention, and the action steps to get there.

Step 1:
Complete Your Financial Check-up

A quick phone call with your financial guide will provide a snapshot of your spending, debt, savings, safeguards and goals. There’s no need to gather a bunch of financial documents – these are questions you can answer on the spot!

Step 2:
Review, prioritize and get going on your personalized Action Plan

Your financial guide will create and send you a customized Action Plan that provides a snapshot of where you are today and outlines ways to help you gain ground on YOUR financial goals.


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