Our Mission

Helping couples money better so they can live confident, content and generous lives. Together.

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But like … who are you, really?

We are a team of parents, spouses, individuals, innovators, researches and La Croix loving dreamers here to serve you. We’re a division of Thrivent – a Fortune 500 not-for-profit helping people who are Christians grow financially stronger for over 100 years.

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Why Love & Money?

We believe (and data tells us this too) that money is messing with too many relationships. It not only pulls us away from building strong relationships with each other but also with God. And we’re stepping in to help change that — so couples can live their best lives with confidence, contentment and generosity. Today. And tomorrow.

What People Are Saying

"When it comes to money, the most important thing we learned was open communication! It's one thing to talk through something, but it's a whole better thing to talk through something with open hearts and minds toward the other person. It makes it so much easier to find common ground and make a decision."

– Phyllis

“Superb throughout. You will never find a better company to do business with. Great from start to finish.”

– Robert

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