Giving Advice

Can you afford to give while repaying debt?

Explore how giving time, talents and gifts creates abundance on a budget.

How Can I Live Generously Despite Debt?

We can all agree that being generous is important, but making it a priority among student loan payments, day-to-day expenses and saving for the future can be tough. The good news is there are many ways to give!

Let’s make the world a better place. Start with these tips:

Giving Advice - Get healthy with your dollars

Get healthy with your dollars

A healthy financial life—not being weighed down by debt or an unbalanced budget—means you can be more generous with your money.

Pro tip: If student loan debt is bogging you down, consider student loan refinancing options which can help you get out of debt faster with lower monthly payments.

Giving Advice - Align your giving with your values

Make it a date

Find organizations or causes that you and/or your spouse care about. Instead of maxing out the budget with donations, use your time and talents to contribute. Bonus, studies show that spending time volunteering boosts happiness and strengthens empathy.

Pro tip: Are you interested in more ways to grow closer with your spouse (and improve your finances)? Check out a Better Halves Workshop, where you explore marriage and money in a whole new light.

Giving Advice - Multiply your efforts for maximum impact

Multiply your efforts for maximum impact

Get more support and resources behind your cause for greater impact. Also, remember that giving isn’t just about money; time and talents can also make a difference. Take advantage of employer charity match programs. Some companies will match whatever amount you raise, doubling your impact.

Pro tip: Talk to one of our financial professionals to become healthier financially (sayonara, debt!) so you can be generous in the ways you want.

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