Marriage Advice

How do you handle finances in marriage?

We break down three things to consider for stronger finances, together.

Marriage and Money

Getting married means a whole new set of priorities and responsibilities. You not only have to prepare for your own financial future, but also the future of your spouse and growing family.

Prepare your family’s finances. Start with these tips:

Marriage Advice - Update your coverage

Update your coverage

Now that you’re married, you’ll want to make sure your beneficiaries are up to date and your coverage is adequate for your new combined life.

Pro tip: Make sure your spouse is protected in case something happens to you.

Marriage Advice - Have you had “the money talk”?

Have you had “the money talk”?

Understanding your spouse’s emotions about money can help you avoid problems and move forward with success. Getting the “money thing” right is a great first step in any marriage. From paying off debt to saving for retirement, we recommend setting aside time at least once a month to talk about money.

Pro tip: A marriage workshop can give you both a healthier relationship with each other and with money.

Marriage Advice - Combining finances

Combining finances

Going from managing your own finances to sharing financial responsibility isn’t always a smooth transition (and could lead to unnecessary discord in your new marriage). Get on the same page about your financial future; establish your goals and how you’ll achieve them together.

Pro tip: These simple steps can help you get on the right track with your spouse early in your marriage.

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Questions? Contact a financial professional.