Retirement Advice

Learn your best plan for retirement savings.

(Your future-self thanks you.)

How Do I Plan for Retirement?

Aaah, retirement. This is where we’re supposed to insert images of white-haired couples relaxing on a sunset beach or golfing on a blissful afternoon.
Let’s get a little more real.
Retirement isn’t as far away as you might think and planning for it takes a little financial-planning elbow grease. Saving for retirement early and investing wisely are your two biggest allies.

Live the way you want in retirement. Here’s where to start:

Retirement Advice - Save for emergencies first

Save for emergencies first

Make sure you have $1,000 saved for emergencies before you even start to save for retirement. Open an account outside your regular bank to prevent you from dipping into savings.

Pro Tip: Get to $1,000 faster by earning $100 in rewards with an Emergency Savings Share Account from Thrivent Federal Credit Union.

Retirement Advice - Match your employer

Match your employer

Participate in your employer’s retirement plan and take full advantage of the company match. This is free money! Work towards saving 15% of your pre-tax income.

Pro Tip: Figure out how much you should be saving each month to hit your retirement goals. Talk to one of our financial professionals.

Retirement Advice - Open a Roth IRA

Open a Roth IRA

Consider opening a Roth IRA. Roth contributions are “after tax,” which means you pay taxes on them now not when you withdraw the money. This type of retirement account can help reduce your tax risk as you retire. You can also withdraw your contributions early without a penalty, unlike most employer plans.

Pro Tip: Opening an IRA usually allows you to choose from a wider range of investment options.

Retirement Advice - Invest Wisely

Invest Wisely

Make sure you’re investing your money in a smart way so your savings can grow faster. Look for a plan with low fees and investments that are customized to fit your needs.

Pro Tip: Want to make sure your money will be there in retirement? Make sure some portion of your retirement investments are guaranteed. Check out our Guaranteed Retirement Plan.

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Questions? Contact a financial professional.

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