Chapter Board of Directors
Be a part of the decisions that impact and help members of brightpeak!

What does the board of directors do?

The brightpeak Chapter Board of Directors consists of members of brightpeak financial elected to the Chapter board by their fellow members (Yep, you guessed it, that means YOU). They are charged with managing and administering funds that support and inspire hands-on service, education and fundraising activities that address unmet needs in our communities.

We do this through programs such as our League of Samaritans. The most common uses of funds include purchasing needed supplies and paying for the costs associated with project implementations. Board Members then encourage our community to participate!

Other perks include, super-sweet resume buffing, insider details on what’s next for brightpeak, and all the warm squishy feelings you can handle for making a difference in your community.

2017 Chapter Board of Directors Election

Voting period: Sept. 25th to Oct. 16th

The four candidates seeking your love and affection (ok, just your vote) for the two open seats on the board are:

Stephen Lepke

Stephen, an engineer from CO, became a member of brightpeak financial in 2016. He has worked in the technology and financial industries for the past seven years. With experience working for a large corporation as well as starting his own company, he hopes to bring his breadth of knowledge, expertise, and vision to the board.

When asked why he wants to serve on the board, Stephen responded with, “I believe in Jesus’ call to love your neighbor as yourself, especially in the area of generously sharing one’s gifts with the world. I have deep knowledge of many areas in business and now wish to contribute back to others through brightpeak’s organization. I believe exercising good personal finance can help free people from financial bondage so that they can fully listen to God’s call in their life.”

To Stephen, brightpeak is an organization that can provide needed financial services in a 21st century, digital manner, while still preserving values and principles rooted in Christianity.

Tanya Delahoz

Tanya, owner and manager of a boutique real estate brokerage and property management company in CO (but originally from NJ), first heard about brightpeak financial through her affiliation with a local chapter of MOPS. She’s been a member of brightpeak since 2016. As a business owner, Tanya plans to bring her entrepreneurial spirit, keen business skills, and knowledge of sales and real estate to add a new and different perspective to the board.

When asked why she wants to serve on the board, Tanya responded with, “Serving on the brightpeak board would allow me to use my strength and talents as a business owner, consultant and expert at sales and real estate investment to help cultivate new businesses, new relationships and help people obtain their goals for causes they are passionate about. I am a strong believer in giving back to my community, both local and afar. My relationships through church and business have provided me with the ability to help people meet their needs-either through charity, fund raising and philanthropic endeavors.”

To Tanya, brightpeak financial represents the ability to provide financial security to families if the worst were to happen, as well as to help families be their best financially.

Nathan Horjus

Nathan, a trust advisor located in VA (but originally from MI), became a member of brightpeak in 2017. With over 15 years’ experience in financial services, Nathan hopes to use his expertise in business management, asset management, personal trusts, and estate & financial planning to assist the board in taking its outreach to the next level.

When asked why Nathan wants to serve on the board, he responded with, “The opportunity to be on and work with the board is an opportunity to tie in my work experience with my personal drive. I believe this is an opportunity to serve a new group of people of a new age group as they make new decisions and set new goals.”

To Nathan, brightpeak financial represents a company that does something different from the rest of the industry. A company that’s not-for-profit and uses its revenue in a manner that reflects the Christian values he holds dear.

Jordan Rasmusson

Jordan, a private equity investor located in MA (but originally from MN), became a member of brightpeak in 2017. Jordan plans to bring his financial experience, his international management consulting expertise, and his previous experience working with fraternal benefit societies to help the board create engaging experiences for its members.

When asked why Jordan wants to serve on the board, he responded with, “As an Eagle Scout and a former member of my church council, I believe in the positive impact volunteer service can have on both one’s community and oneself. I believe in the positive power of helping individuals and families become financially self-reliant. With confidence in their financial situation, families and individuals are able to live generously and make wise investments for their future. I hope to help individuals and families achieve their own financial freedom through brightpeak’s work.”

To Jordan, brightpeak financial represents a “community of Christians working to live generously and be wise stewards of their God-given resources”.

brightpeak wishes all our nominees the best of luck in the upcoming election!

How to Vote

All brightpeak members will receive an email with instructions on how to vote once we get closer to September 25th, when voting opens.

Chapter Board Meetings
September 21, 2017 | 6:15 p.m. CDT
Current members of brightpeak financial are welcome to attend an upcoming Chapter meeting, via phone at:
• Dial in to 866.204.7950
• Conference Code 41280869

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