Your Guide to Financial Strength


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When it comes to our finances, we all want to feel good. Whether it’s having enough in retirement savings, being able to confidently handle an emergency, or protecting our loved ones with insurance, these seven steps will help you know how to get there.

Marriage Advice

Know Your Story

Before you even begin to set goals and make plans, it’s a good idea to know what you’re working with. We’re talking more than just what’s in your bank account. This chapter takes a look at your emotional, spiritual and cultural background as well as relationships to help you tailor your financial approach. What’s your story?

Learn: What are the 5 Dimensions of Money?

Take Action: Ignite your path! This 12-question tool turns your big dreams into small steps, and shows you how to stay motivated along the way.

For all the couples out there: You’re probably no stranger to the fact that money is a common stressor in relationships, which is why we launched The Love & Money Project™ to help couples grow stronger together by improving their relationship with money. Be Better. Together.

Start here: The Love and Money Dimensions Assessment

Savings Advice

Navigate Spending

Learn to live beneath your means and manage money proactively. Be prepared for rainy days with emergency savings.

Learn: Budgeting Tips to Safeguard Your Hard-Earned Cash

Download: Illuminate™ Money Management App

Take Action: Open an Emergency Savings Account

Debt Advice

Pay off Debt

Pay down credit card debt first. Move to auto loans, then student loans. Last but not least, pay off your home mortgage

Learn: 3 Types of Debt to Payoff First

Take Action: Explore Student Loan Refinancing

Protection Advice

Get Insurance

The unexpected can happen. Get basic life insurance and disability insurance to help protect your loved ones and your livelihood. If you have student loans, consider life insurance to help protect your co-signers.

Learn: What Is Term Life Insurance?

What is Disability Insurance?

Take Action: How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

How Much Disability Insurance Do I Need?

Retirement Advice

Save for Retirement

Set yourself up to live fully. Consider maxing your contributions to a 401k if you have one. If not, look at establishing a basic IRA you can contribute to regularly.

Learn: How to Balance Saving for Retirement with Your Other Financial Goals

Take Action: Consider a Guaranteed Retirement Plan (A Fixed Annuity)

Home Advice

Save for Big Purchases

Live with the joy and confidence knowing that you’re buying what you can afford. Prepare for big purchases like a house, car, dream vacation or child’s education by routinely saving 5-15% of each paycheck.

Learn: The Ultimate Homebuyer’s Guide

Take Action: Try the $500 Savings Challenge

Giving Advice

Practice Generosity

Establish a practice of active generosity to bring joy to yourself and others. Experience abundance through a mindset of contentment and gratitude.

Learn: Gratitude Prayers to Feel Better about Money

Take Action: Complete the Simple Living Challenge