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The Love & Money Project™

Love Brightly. #LiveBrightly. Together.

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Money is Messing with Too Many Relationships

It doesn’t have to be that way. At The Love & Money Project™ we’re shaking things up. We’re creating new ways for couples to come together and build better relationships in both love and money.

The result? Less fighting, and more laughing. Without money in the way, you can build the life you’ve been called to create. God gives each of us a love and money story. Now’s the time to own it.

Be Better. Together™.

Most financial platforms help you manage money on your own. Together™ was built so you can manage it right alongside your partner. Get personalized goals and activities recommended just for you, and be better in love and money—together.

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The Best Part:

It’s creative, interactive, and—dare we say it—fun. Bet you didn’t expect to get that out of a love and money conversation.

Love & Money Courses


Start as a couple (or on your own.) Experience our self-paced, online eCourse packed with videos and activities.
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Love & Money Small Groups

Small Groups

Take it to the people. Lead a small group and help others discover what’s really influencing their relationship with money—and each other.
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Love & Money Workshops


Think even bigger. Start leading workshops that get couples working together to communicate and navigate through love and money.
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Love & Money Events


Experience it live. See a schedule of upcoming events where The Love & Money Project™ is participating.
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Love & Money Speakers


Share it with your audience. Bring a speaker (in person or live stream) from The Love & Money Project™ to your next event.
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Love & Money Products & Resources

Products & Resources

Live it out at home. Discover home organization tools and other products to help you live out your best love and money story.
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Our Partners

The Love & Money Project™ partners with ministries, counselors, researchers, educators, and other leaders in love and money. Some partners help us create the resources we offer, while others help us share it with couples like you. To find out how you can partner with us, contact us.

The Love & Money Project™ was created by brightpeak financial to help couples and families grow stronger together by improving their relationship with money. We’re part of Thrivent Financial—a member-owned, not-for-profit that has been helping Christians with their finances for over 100 years.