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Bite-sized, impactful challenges to get in touch with money in a way that aligns with who you are. Change your relationship with money.

How the Moneymood App Works

We believe in the power of small wins to help you gain momentum and achieve your money goals. With the MoneyMood app, you’ll take on bite-sized, impactful challenges to get in touch with money in a way that aligns with who YOU are, not who some stodgy finance guy thinks you should be.

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It’s available in the App Store and on Google Play!

Choose Your Mood

Get daily challenges based on how you’re feeling.

Complete Challenges

Choose what you’re ready to take

on – and do it!

Gain Momentum

Use these small wins to achieve big goals.

Features of the Moneymood App

  • Easy to use interface
  • Receive relevant challenges based on the mood you select
  • See a running list of challenges you have completed
  • Bonus: Be a part of a community by joining our private MoneyMood Facebook group


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Choose Your Mood

Each time you log into the MoneyMood app, you’ll be asked what your money mood is today. This helps us give you the most relevant challenges. And it helps you become more aware of how you’re feeling about money day-to-day.


Money Mood (n): how you’re feeling about money at the moment. Is it giving you the shivers or are you ready to get things DONE today?

Complete Challenges Daily

Choose which challenge you’re ready to take on today.



From ditching your morning coffee stop, to revisiting your employer benefits, to creating a giving plan that aligns with your values, you pick what you want to achieve. All of the challenges are built to help you achieve your money goals and gain financial security.

Gain Momentum

When put together, these challenges can help you build financial strength and security. It’s not a money saving app — it’s a “change your whole relationship with money” app.

Get the App to Find Your Money Mood!

Gain financial strength by engaging in bite-sized financial challenges based on your current mood. You’ll feel awesome and more confident as you check off new challenges!