The Making of the Tap to Save® App

How do you bulld a better saving app? Have someone who's struggled to save money design it.

Even though Molly McMahan works at brightpeak financial, an organization providing financial guidance for young, Christian couples, she has never been able to save.

“I am so in debt from student loans, a stupid credit card and vet bills that I had just totally given up on saving. Even with a good job and two side hustles, I couldn’t put anything away.”

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Then, one day, the math that Molly always dreaded started to work for her when co-worker Sarah Olson brought up a simple equation.

“Did you know that if you save $3 a day, you’ll have $1000 at the end of the year?” Sarah asked.

“That can’t be true!” Molly countered. “How can so little add up to so much?”

With that, the idea for the Tap to Save app was born – make saving a small amount so easy that it was harder not to do it.

Sarah, as product owner, Molly as designer, and a small development team at brightpeak began to create an app that would allow you to make a “microdeposit” from your checking to your savings account whenever you resisted spending.

In the past, whenever Molly resisted spending, she would feel good about herself, “but I wouldn’t carry it through to the next step. I wouldn’t move the money that I didn’t spend into my savings. Since it was still in my checking account, I’d just spend it later.”

With the free Tap to Save app, you can fill in the amount you want to save, tap your screen, and watch your savings grow, securely.

“I used to stop for an iced mocha every day on my way to work. Instead, I started making a poor man’s version at home that tasted just as good. Every day that I did that, I would tap $6 to my savings. I didn’t buy the sequin socks I wanted. I tapped that $16 into savings. In 42 days, I saved $583. I was absolutely stunned. I had actual, real savings, in less than six weeks!” Molly said.

Once testing on the Tap to Save app began, it was clear that Molly’s success story was one that would be told by others, too.

“We’re so excited by what we’re seeing, and the changes that we’re making to the app to make it even better,” says Sarah. “We’re introducing savings goals, so you can save what you don’t spend toward something that is more meaningful to you. You’ll also be able to track your progress toward your goal. When you can watch your own progress, it makes you want to keep going.”

The Tap to Save app is available for free to both Apple and Android users.

“I’m so proud of this app,” says Molly. “And I’m a dedicated user! My savings account has a legit amount of money in it. One tap, and I can watch it get even bigger.”