Five Tips To Simplify Your Life

Stopping is not an option. However, slowing down is doable. We can simplify. We can improve our lives, spin less & maximize our energy in the right places

Life is complicated. On any given day we have many pulls and tugs on our time, energy and money. If the pace of life seems to spin out of control, we begin to feel a little lost.

It is an ironic habit of human beings to run faster when we have lost our way.” – Rollo May, psychologist and writer.

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Stopping is not an option. However, slowing down is doable. We can simplify. We can improve our lives, spin less and maximize our energy in the right places.

It might seem overwhelming to revamp all of life and balance often seems elusive. But starting with these five tips to simplify your life, well, you may just break the ironic habit of the fast sprints into exhaustion and loss.

Reserve a night

Take out your calendar and determine a night each week that you will pull in. Take time to be still. Time to do less. It doesn’t need to be the same night every week, but it could be if routine serves you well. Be regimented in protecting an evening that gives space and time to doing less. Simplify one night.

Regularly say no

Don’t say yes to everything you can do and please release yourself from expecting perfection on a “should do” list.  Don’t let others dictate all your time. You get to say no once in a while. The more you say no, the fewer requirements you will have on your time and energy. The process of determining what to say yes and no to will start a continual conversation with yourself on what you value. Simplify your commitments to be fewer so that you can value your own wellness.

Reign in your spending

Track and balance your spending. Take an active role in understanding not just what finances are coming in and going out, but why. Are the items that cost you creating stress in your finances or complicating your use of time? The more stuff one has, the more there is to maintain. The more ambivalent you are to your spending habits, the less likely you will be prepared for the unforeseen circumstances. Simplify your expenditures to slow life down.

Re-evaluate your priorities

All of them. Weekly is best, monthly is helpful. Re-evaluate the projects, people, and purposes that demand time and energy from you. There are must-do’s and healthful investments of energy. So identify those and rank them. When you find areas that are not aligned with high priorities, evaluate how much you can give to them. Simplify the number of pulls and tugs on your day-to-day life, especially when they may be lacking meaning for you.

Respect your heart

Show respect to yourself by taking time to play and pursue life. Don’t become automated on solely doing performance-based work or mindless tasks. Take time to reflect, to worship, to dismiss the hectic, to embrace joy, and to practice a healthful lifestyle. Care for your emotional heart and your physical heart, this will simplify the incessant demand to spin in forty different directions or run faster. Simplify life by creating opportunities for joy and tending to growth, it will grant energy to address the other four tips.