Behind the Scenes of the Love & Money Podcast

Go behind the scenes of the groundbreaking Love & Money podcast!

We recently sat down with Rafael Robert, our Director of Love & Money to ask him some questions about the hit Love & Money podcast.

Take us behind the scenes, Rafa!

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Q: What prompted the partnership with Relevant?

A: We partnered with Relevant on the Love & Money podcast for several reasons. First, they recognized that their audience was interested in the topics of relationships, money, and the intersection of the two.

They also agreed with us that there is not enough discussion or awareness of the ways that money and relationships can affect each other, both positively and negatively.


Q: So, why a podcast?

A: The crew at Relevant are experts and pioneers when it comes to podcasting. They’ve been doing it well for many years and their podcast network is prolific. They have six podcasts with thousands and thousands of regular listeners.

In addition to their production expertise, we’re trying to reach younger Christians and a podcast by Relevant is a great way to reach that audience.

The Love & Money podcast has been a great collaboration between us and Relevant because of the match between the topic, the audience and the medium.


Q: What need did you see in the marketplace?

A: There’s hardly any discussion of how our finances impact our relationships and how our relationships impact our finances, despite the research that shows they do. In the marketplace, these topics are discussed in isolation, and it’s hurting our relationships and our finances.

Our experiences with money growing up have a lasting impact on our view of money into adulthood. And disagreements about money are one of the most common issues in romantic relationships.

Addressing relationships and money together is a huge need in the marketplace and one that this podcast has started to help fill.


Q: How do you come up with topic ideas?

A: Our topic ideas come from all over. We get topic ideas from Relevant as well as from listeners and staff. Listeners and followers have submitted topics via Twitter and email.

Sometimes topics are chosen based on the guest and their area of expertise. The goal is to choose topics that are not just relevant (no pun intended) but that’ll teach our listeners something they didn’t know and spur them to take action.


Q; What has the response to the podcast been like?

A: It’s been great! The Love & Money podcast has over 320,000 downloads to date (not including listeners who streamed it) and it’s averaging 5 out of 5 stars in iTunes.

We’ve also had some amazing guests like New York Times® bestselling authors Jon Acuff, Lisa Bevere and Rachel Held Evans; Dr. Sonya Britt-Lutter, a pioneer in the field of financial therapy and Tyler Reagin, the President of Christian leadership development organization Catalyst.


Q: What’s next for the Love & Money podcast?

A: We’re starting to plan for Season 3 of the podcast and we’re determined to make it our best season yet!

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